Supply chain & procurement

We believe in the importance of business relationships

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Having an industry-leading supply chain and procurement network is one of our core commitments to our clients and partners.

We are committed to supporting our local supply chain and bringing the most innovative and market-leading solutions to our projects.

We work collaboratively from pre-contracts through to delivery and operation to ensure our projects are successful for all parties.

How to express interest

Potential suppliers that wish to have goods or services evaluated are requested to provide a company brochure or information to, or for Queensland-based suppliers.

(If your enquiry relates to providing goods or services for a specific project or tender, please clearly state the name of the project or tender in the subject line of your email.)

Following a review of your information, we may ask you to complete a pre-qualification process, as part of the evaluation of your expression of interest.

Paying suppliers

All invoices received for payment require a valid Purchase Order (PO) number or Contract Agreement Number (CAN), and the contact name of the person who requested the goods or service.

Please direct any questions to our Accounts Payable Customer Line on (02) 8668 6105 or email

Our Early Payment Program

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CPB Contractors, Broad has access to the Early Payment Program, which utilises supply chain financing to enable payment of invoices within 10 business days in exchange for a small discount.

For more information on how our Early Payment Program works, please watch our video and download our Quick Reference Guide.

If you have any questions regarding our Early Payment Program, please email or speak with your Broad representative.

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